HomeForExchange Website Review & Ratings + HomeForExchange Coupons
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HomeForExchange Website Review & Ratings + HomeForExchange Coupons

HomeForExchange: Products & Services

HomeForExchange is a website that provides its customers with homes that they can exchange for their own home so they can travel and explore new places at a fraction of the cost as it eliminates hotel bills. Hotel prices can be the biggest hindrance when booking vacations and by using HomeForExchange those costs no longer apply. The website has a great layout and provides its customers with several options throughout the world.

HomeForExchange: Company Background

The company was founded in 1992 and was founded by Ed Kushins and Ans Lemmer and has its headquarters in Hermosa Beach, California. The company provides an excellent platform to its customers to exchange their homes so that they can enjoy a vacation at cheaper rates. The website has great reputation and has a large customer base that is willing to pay to use the website’s services.

HomeForExchange: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The website has received positive reviews from its customers and enjoys their loyalty as Anna J writes “If you enjoy looking at home magazines, this is the site for you because there are homes a plenty, in all parts of the world, interiors, exteriors, sea views, mountain vistas you name it and it's here. If you're nosy (like me) it's a way of seeing just how the other half lives. One location was a beach house on Malibu and the neighbours apparently are a celebrity couple.........now there's a holiday to write home about. Stop dreaming Ann and give everybody the basic facts.....HomeExchange.com seems to be a very respectable exchange service, offering guarantees of properties, security of privacy and ample means of advertisement. Details of most of the homes on offer throughout the world are accompanied by lavish photographs to entice any would be traveller.”.

HomeForExchange: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company has been listed on the Better Business Bureau and is ranked B+ where A+ is the highest an F is the lowest rank possible. The company has had 5 complaints against it in the last 3 years and 1 complaint against it in the last 12 months. The company does not have any court cases against it and is financially secure and the company will continue business in the foreseeable future.

HomeForExchange: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of 161,061and a Thai rank of 13,139. Google Page Rank gives the website a score of 5 out of a possible 10. Site score gives the website a score of 30 out of a possible 100 points. The score depends on the website’s popularity and the website can be deemed as popular judging by the stats available. 

HomeForExchange: Social Media Presence

Social media has created vast opportunities for companies to promote their products and services online. The FaceBook page of the company has 15,238 likes and is used to promote the company’s services and brand image. The company uses the twitter account @HomeExchange.com and has 1320 followers and 2,722 tweets to its credit. The page is used to communicate with fans and customers on a one to one basis. The company’s social media profile is satisfactory.

HomeForExchange: Website Security & Safety

According to the Google Safe Browsing Diagnosis the website is safe to browse and is not considered suspicious. The website does not harbor any malware or viruses and does not have any self installing software present on any of the pages of the website that were tested. The website puts great emphasis on security and employs HTPS and SSL security protocols to ensure general safety and consumer financial protection. The website can be deemed as secure.

HomeForExchange: Pricing & Packages

The website charges membership fees from its customers who wish to list their homes on the website. The rates are quite reasonable and the company charges the following rates:

  • I year membership $64.50
  • 2 year membership $99.50
  • 3 year membership $129.50

The charges charged by the company are quite reasonable and are similar to several other services available in the market, how ever there are websites that offer the same service for almost no charges.

HomeForExchange: Shipping Rates & Policies

The company does not offer any products and services that require shipping the website so no shipping rates or policies are mentioned by the company.

HomeForExchange: Payment Methods Accepted

The website accepts credit cards powered by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The website offers a very decent payment portal and uses HTTPS and SSL security protocols to ensure consumer financial data protection. The website is very reliable and its payment portal can be used to make payments with great peace of mind. 

HomeForExchange: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The website offers a platform where like interested people can exchange their homes with one another so that they can get away from their day to day life and enjoy sights and sounds of different places at reasonable prices. The website charges fees for its services and promises to provide the next year free if a suitable exchange does not take place in the first year of subscription.

HomeForExchange: Product images & screenshots
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